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care for your hands

You have to care for your hands, as it is part of the beauty of our body parts. After face our attention goes to the hands. Dryness of the hands & the resulting rashes are very common as the skin of the hands is often exposed to chemicals, irritants, etc. Ever overexposure to water, soaps, detergents, cleaning agents, citrus fruits, vegetables & some ingredients of the skin care products irritate the skin & reduce suppleness.

Once the skin becomes dry & red, even gentle things like water & baby products can irritate the skin, making it even worse for people with eczema, allergy, burn scars over the hands are more prone to irritation. Burns & scars cause destruction of sebaceous glands that produce the protective oils that softens the skin & hence it becomes more susceptible to external irritants.

Whatever the reason, you must protect & care for your hands, for it to heal & again for six months after that. Six months is to let the skin toughen up. If you are allergic to certain substances : contact with them must be avoided otherwise also  hands need  special care to remain soft & supple.

5 Easy Steps to Take Care for Your Hands

We must take care of the skin on our hands in the same way that we take care of the skin on our faces every day and use particular products. Act now, before they become dehydrated or stretched! Take advantage of this opportunity to provide them with the care they require. How are you going to do it? We’ll show you how to do it in five easy steps.


Be gentle with your hands. Use lukewarm water, hot water  dries up that skin.

Use  soap  only  if your  hands really  need  it. Since soap deprives your  skin of the natural oils

Use a mild soap like‘ dove’, avoid detergents and perfumed soaps.


Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after each wash.  Using a thick formula ointment like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) works well. Lotion based formulas are less effective. Keep  a jar near the wash basins, in the kitchen. So that you  apply it every time you wash your hands


Use vinyl gloves  to protect your  hands while  washing, it shields  from detergents, cleaners & other chemicals. You should  also wear it while  peeling  citrus  fruits  & tomatoes. Keep various pairs at hand – in the  kitchen ,bathroom, laundry  area, etc. dry them out between uses or it requires turning  them inside out. 

If you need  to wear them for  a prolonged time,  you  can  wear thin cotton gloves underneath as they absorb the  sweat. You can  use an automatic  dishwasher or appoint a house  help to avoid  direct contact with solvents & stain remover.

If your job exposes you to such chemicals, talk  with your boss regarding the same & find a way out to protect your hands. Avoid picking up the raw skin.  If it is red & is burning or itching, consult our dermatologist. She may prescribe you  oral antiallergic & anti-inflammatory drugs with topical steroid for a short term to control the  reaction.


If we have to be at home, it may seem unreasonable, but no matter how many times we go out, quick outings to the grocery or short walks with our dog are enough to expose our skin to the sun’s rays.

Sunscreen Lotion should be applied to your hands every time you leave the house to keep them looking young and healthy.


It is not required to wash our hands continuously with antiseptic activity soaps if we are at home all of the time.

We can use them in combination with gentler soaps that don’t change our skin’s pH. Nothing beats our Oil Soap for this, which, in addition to calming the skin, repairs your hands thanks to its high oil content.

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