Chemical Peeling of the Skin-A Boon

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Chemical Peeling


Chemical Peeling Mirror! mirror! tell me who’s the most beautiful of all? & your pet mirror doesn’t say it’s only, is the case? All these years its been praising your beauty & now you faithful mirror remarks about the dark spots & scars left on your face due to pimples? Or points to the brown patches that developed during your pregnancy?  Or is it the time that’s showing on your face?  Are these the signs of aging? Or cumulative effects of sun exposure that led to premature aging?  Or is it the scar left behind  after an injury that worries you? Or it’s the normal greed to look young getting rid of that wrinkles?

If these are your worries you need not be disappointed the single answer to all these have been found….. Chemical peeling, yes it’s a boon in itself. It is the single answer for all your  queries. Its an old wine in a new bottle.

Thought unknowingly, people had been applying the principal of chemical peeling since ancient times. The age – old Indian tradition to bathe in sour milk ,applies the modern method of rejuvenating the skin, renewing the layers of the skin. Sour milk contains lactic. Similarly French woman scraped old wine barrels & used old wine for bath, the wine contained tartaric acids.

So we can interpret that the never ending quench to look beautiful has led to new discoveries & chemical peeling is one of the best amongst them. Chemical peeling is a common dermato surgical procedure performed without any surgical instrumental it’s a relatively painless, office procedure with marvelous results. 

And above all it suits your pocket as its quite economical. The widely discussed alpha justice acids are actually fruit acids – glycolic acid is derived from sugarcane,  malicious acids from apple, tartaric acids from grapes, citric acid from citrus fruits & lactic acid from sour milk.

Flu-like acid is used most commonly. Alpha kept acids are also used that includes trickiest acetic acid, salicylic acid, etc. The agent & it’s concentration are determined after careful selection of the patient & assessment of the lesions, darkness, scarring, etc. For better results, the skin is prepared by prior application of religious that are vitamin a derivatives for 15 days. Peeling agent can be used in low-concentrations as found in many cosmetics available over-the -counter, in medium concentration which are available in doctors  offices & in high concentration are best applied by a professional at intervals of 3-6 weeks.  This is known as a series of acid peels.

Unlike others chemicals alpha justify acids are not toxic to the skin many people ask if alpha justify acids are safe  it is important to point out that there acids are in many of the healthiest food we eat & drink including Arianna juice they are thought to be safe when used correctly. Before the actual peel, ‘ test peel ‘ is done to rule out allergic reaction to the chemical.

The peeling can be done only on a localized spot or whole of the facial skin. These agent’s act by causing partial thickness wound & thereby formation of new skin cells. Due to these agent’s, melanin ( that is responsible for the skin color ) production is also decreased. These agent’s also reduce the wrinkles hence concealing your age.

What to do before your peel:

  • At least three to four weeks before your first peel, stop using tretinoin and exfoliating sponges. 
  • All forms of hair removal should be stopped at least three to four weeks before your peel. 
  • Come to the office with a fully cleansed face. If possible, no Cologne or after – shave should be applied. Also try to avoid shaving the day of your peel. Come to the office with a fully cleansed face. If possible no cologne or after -shave should be applied. Also try to avoid shaving the day of your peel. 
  • In order to prevent an unanticipated deepening of your peel please inform your  esthetician if you have accidentally used one of the restricted products. 

How the peel is done :

  • First the dermatologist will review the possible side effects of a peel with you and give you a consent form to sign. 
  • Next,your akin will be cleansed thoroughly. 
  • Petroleum jelly will be applied to the corners of the eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • Glycolic acid will then be applied to one area of the face at a time. The glycolic acid will then be left on the  several minutes the skin will burn and tingle when the skin becomes uncomfortable let the professional knows and she will neutralize the peel.
  • After the peel has bern neutralized,the face is rinsed,and sunscreen is then applied.

What to do after your peel:

  • You must use a sunscreen of spf25 or higher every morning before going out.sunlight on the skin after a peel can cause brownb discoloration of the skin.a good sunscreen should be used with spf30
  • To avoid the possibility of scarring please do not peel,pick scrape,or scratch the skin.avoid the use of abrasive or exfoliating sponges.
  • If you have persistent redness in An area let your doctor know right away.persistent redness of the skin can lead to brown discoloration of the red area if it is not treated promptly.
  • Do not use topical tretinoin during your peel sessions and for one month after the last peel.

During your series of peels.and for at least one month after the last should not have hair removed by any technique because it can cause severe irritation of the skin. Also you should avoid intense sunlight because you are sensitive to the sun as well. The skin over the site becomes red & literally peel off over a couple of days thereby bringing the fresh skin into the limelight you it brings out the glowing spotless you! Though for best results a series of sitting may be required depending upon the depth & extent of the lesions. But….the results are guaranteed!!!!

Discover yourself….

Dr. Rupa Adatia
Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist 

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